Investor Fact Sheet

Name: flexigroup Limited
Business Description: flexigroup is a diversified financial services group providing no interest ever, leasing, vendor finance programs, interest free and Visa / Mastercards, managed print services, lay-by and other payment solutions to consumers and businesses.
Business Established: 1991
Listings: flexigroup (FXL) is listed on:
The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)Opens in new window
Level 4, 525 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Its securities are listed under
ASX code: FXL.
Registered Office: Level 7, 179 Elizabeth Street,
Sydney, NSW 2000

Telephone: 02 8905 2000
Board of Directors: Andrew Abercrombie - Chairman, Founding Director, Non-Independent, Non-Executive, BEc, LLB, MBA
Rajeev Dhawan - Independent, Non-Executive, BCom, ACA, MBA
Christine Christian - Independent, Non-Executive
Jodie Leonard - Independent, Non-Executive, B.Bus, AICD, FAMI CPM
Carole Campbell - Independent, Non-Executive
John Wylie - Independent, Non-Executive, AM
Company Secretary: Isobel Rogerson - Company Secretary
Website: in new window
Auditor: PricewaterhouseCoopers

Darling Park Tower 2
201 Sussex Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Share Registry: Link Market Services Limited

Level 12
680 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Telephone: 8280 7100 (within Australia)
+61 2 8280 7100 (outside Australia)
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